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Succession Plan of Major Executives


Jia Wei has activated the succession plan of its chairman of the board by arranging high level managers into the board of directors for them to be familiar with its operation. Jia Wei has also expanded their participation of the operation of different departments and added their experience on being stationed oversea. Jia Wei expects to choose the successive chairman of the board from these high-level managers within five years.

Currently, there are 7 to 10 high level managers in Jia Wei and are responsible for internal affairs. They are taught 1-on-1 and take part in management meetings to deepen their understanding of business ideas and train various management capacities. By doing so, we expect to select key members of the succession team from them.

In response to organization development and its growth dynamism, besides recruiting outstanding talents from the outside, Jai Wei also aggressively develop potential high-level managers from the inside. Besides strengthening 1-on-1 instruction and work exchanges, they also switch duties and are assigned oversea in appropriate times. By doing so, Jia Wei expects to select comprehensive talents. It is strengthening its future management team with plan and purpose.