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Auditing Committee

Purpose of the Auditing Committee is to assist the board of directors in achieving its quality and integrity on the supervision of accountancy, auditing, finance report procedure, and financial control.

Major Duties

  • Stipulate or amend internal control system.
  • Assessment on the validity of internal control system.
  • Stipulate or amend the obtaining/disposition of assets, practicing trade on derivatives, loaning money to others, and procedures on endorsement or providing guarantee.
  • Issues regarding the interest of board members.
  • Trade on major assets or derivatives.
  • The loaning of significant fund, endorsement or providing guarantee.
  • Collect, issue or private placement of marketable securities.
  • The appointment and dismissal of financial, accounting or internal auditing executives. 
  • The employment, dismissal and salary provision of certified public accountants. 
  • Assessment on the experience, independence and performance of certified public accountants.
  • Reviewing Financial Report
  • Abiding Laws

Compensation Committee

Purpose of the Compensation Committee is to assist the board of directors in practicing and evaluating the salary and welfare policies of Jia Wei Lifestyle and the salary of board members and managers.

According to Jia Wei Organizational Regulation of the Compensation Committee, the committee is composed of three members and are appointed according to the resolution of the board of directors. At least half of the committee members must be independent directors.

Compensation Committee of Jia Wei Lifestyle are composed of all independent directors.


Major Duties

  • Regularly reviews the Organizational Regulation of the Compensation Committee and propose amendment suggestions.
  • Stipulates and regularly reviews the policies, systems, standards and structures regarding the annual and long-term performance goals and salary of Jia Wei board members, functional committee members and managers.
  • Regularly evaluates the performance achieving situation of Jia Wei board members, functional committee members and managers in order to stipulate their individual salaries.

Member of Committee

Name Auditing Committee Compensation Committee
Shou-Te Hsu(Independent Director) ✔(Chairman)
Chin-Chou Hsu (Independent Director) ✔(Chairman)
Jacky Huang(Independent Director)


The Compensation Committee convened 4 meetings in 2021 and the attendance is as follows:

Title Name Attendance
in person
by proxy
Percentage of
attendance in
Jacky Huang 4 - 100%
John Li 4 - 100%
Hau-Min Chu 4 - 100%


The date, proposal details and resolution of the Compensation Committee in 2021:

Date(Period) Proposal Details Resolution
January 27, 2021(9th meeting in the 5th term) The 2020 year-end bonus distribution plan for managers. After the Chairman has asked all members in attendance for opinion, the proposal was approved in a resolution without dissent.
March 12, 2021(10th meeting in the 5th term) Appropriation of Directors' remuneration and employee compensation for 2020.
Proposal to amend certain Articles in the "Articles of Incorporation"
April 23, 2021(11th meeting in the 5th term) Distribution of directors compensation for 2020.
Distribution of employee compensation for 2020.
June 18, 2021(12th meeting in the 5th term) An employee stock purchase plan of cash capital increase for Mangers and directors who are employee in 2021.