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Operation Division of Major Departments

Department Operation
Audit Office
  • Assessing internal control system, file auditing reports, evaluate business efficiency, and provide timely improvement suggestions to ensure the persistence and effective practice of internal control system and assist executives in practicing their responsibilities. 
President's Office
  • Stipulate business strategies, promote projects, and investigate & gather industrial information.
  • To pay attention to the sustainable operation and the goal of  Jia Wei's corporate social responsibility.
  • The management and supervision of legal and intellectual property affairs.
Information Management Office
  • The management and maintenance of information facilities, internet system and information security.
Sales & Marketing Division
  • Integrates the product demand and tread of the global market to stipulate marketing, pricing and supply chain management strategies in order to satisfy customer demand of the enterprise’s profit goals.
  • Deploy and plan new customers and market expansion.
  • Establishment and assessment on customer profile & credit facilities and management on trade receivables.
Design & Research Department
  • The gathering, analysis and creation on global fashion and aesthetic trends and household products that are functional, fun and ingenuity. Decide and practice annual product designing elements and series.
  • The designing and development of new materials and molds.
Finance Department
  • Enterprise budget planning and controlling, the practice of accounting system, making financial report and business management graphs, statistics & analysis, coordination of capital planning and application, tax affairs, and the promotion of related projects.
Corporate Governance Department
  • Coordinates and plans enterprise governance affairs.
  • Assists the board of directors and shareholders’ meeting on meeting procedures and resolution abiding affairs.
  • Ensures investor relationship and stock related affairs.
System Development Department
  • Establishes and integrates the information management system of the enterprise, solve information related problems, integrated upgrade on information facilities, and related education and training.
Administration Department
  • Stipulating and practices on human resource and management systems, employee training, and performance assessment.