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Jia Wei Lifestyle, Inc. designs and manufactures top-quality, timeless housewares with classic designs. Inspired by the visions of international designers with different horizons, our creations underscore designs with simple lines and warm styles. Practical, aesthetically appealing, and durable, the housewares we produce are the absolutely ideal choice for creating a warm, comfortable, and beautiful home environment.

With a strong emphasis on exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, we have created housewares that are of high quality and with a sense of design, so that everyone can enjoy a cozy life, experience a warm attitude and the philosophy of life.

To be the most advanced in design and manufacturing service provider in the world, recruit talents to create the future of the organization together, and become a leader with aesthetics, design, and technology in the housewares industry, and develop into a long-term trustworthy and reliable industry champion!
To provide diversified, high-quality household products that are functional, intriguing, and ingenious, enhance overall competitiveness, create surpluses, take good care of employees and shareholders, and create new milestones together.
Bold innovation, aesthetic living, sustainable development