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Corporate Governance

To implement corporate governance, strengthen the capacity of the board of directors and ensure shareholder rights, Jia Wei has formed the Corporate Governance Department and appointed Lori Lin as its manager. Manager Lori Lin has more than three years of experience in practicing finance, stock affair or meeting related management jobs in publicly owned corporations.

The main duties of corporate governance personnel are to provide board members with the information they need to practice their duties, assist board members in abiding by legal regulations, hold board of directors meetings and shareholders’ meetings according to law, and other related issues.

Practice in 2021

  1. Provide board members with information they require and arrangement trainings for them in order for them to fulfill their duties.
  2. Assists the board of director meetings and shareholders’ meeting on meeting procedures and resolution abiding affairs.
  3. Ensure Investor Relation
  4. Stipulate board of director meeting agendas and inform them 7 days in advance. Assemble the meeting and provide them with meeting information. They would need to remind members of the meeting for interest avoidance if necessary. Meeting minutes would be made within 20 days after the meeting.
  5. Register shareholders’ meeting in advance according to law. Produce meeting notice, meeting manual, and meeting minutes within the legal period of time. Carry out register changing affairs in case of article amendment or board member election.

2021 Education & Training Status

Date of Education & Training Organizer Course Name Hours of Education & Training
From To
2021/10/13 2021/10/13 SECURITIES&FUTURES INSTITUTE 2021 Publicity for Insiders' Share Transfers and compliance with the regulations 3
2021/11/9 2021/11/9 SECURITIES&FUTURES INSTITUTE 2021 Publicity for the Prevention of Insider Trading 3
2021/12/7 2021/12/7 TWSE 2021 Cathay Sustainable Finance and Climate Change Summit 6