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Integrity management

“President's Office” is the unit responsible for practicing the integrity management of Jia Wei Lifestyle. It is responsible for promoting integrity management policies, stipulate dishonest action prevention plans, and the supervision and implementation of them. It will report to the board of directors at least once a year. 

In addition, the stipulation and amendment of Jia Wei's “Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles” and “Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct”should be agreed by the Auditing Committee and Board of Directors before being reported to the Shareholders' Meeting. 

The board of directors fulfills its duty of care, supervises Jia Wei on preventing dishonest actions, and ensures the practice of integrity management policies.

Principles on Integrity Management

Jia Wei has established an effective internal control system and carried out employee education & training regularly every year. Working guidelines, management system and other trainings were given out to employees on their first day of work to accurately convey their rights and obligations. 

The “Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles” and “Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct” of Jia Wei prohibits receiving any form of bribes regarding business actions. Also, suppliers are evaluated according to “Regulations on Supplier Assessment.” Those who failed to reach Jia Wei's standard or are being notorious will get their qualification canceled and business relation terminated.

Board members should be highly disciplined. When meeting agendas are in stake with themselves or the body they represent, they should explain such relation in board of directors meetings. They should not be allowed to take part in discussion and vote for interest avoidance when they are in the risk of harming Jia Wei's interest. They could not also be the agent of other board member in this aforementioned situation.

Establishing Report Mechanism

To ensure the sustainable development of Jia Wei, we encourage the reporting of any illegal actions. We have established a report system, report mailbox, exclusive responsible unit, SOP and ways to reply. We have also stated rules on ensuring identity confidentiality and anonymous report to ensure the informer's identity confidentiality.

Status on the Practice of Integrity Management

In 2021, newly recruited employees have signed the “Labor Contract,” while working guideline, management system and other training were given to them, thus conveying their rights and obligations.

We have invited experts from inside and outside the enterprise to carry out education & training for employees to be familiar with the latest legal changes in order to prevent them from breaching the law or cast similar mistakes. Education & training held in 2021 on integrity management related issues – The analysis of Integrity Management course has 66 participants and was held for a total of 132 hours.