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Employee Care

Employees are the Most Important Assets

Outstanding human resource asset is the major key to enterprise success. Jia Wei Lifestyle provides outstanding working environment, employee welfare, education & training, career development, and we use them according to their talents and capacity. Under such reasonable and fair human resource system and robust internal organization, we expect them demonstrate their skills and full potential.

Human Right Protection

We fulfill our corporate social responsibility and ensure the basic human rights of all our employees. We abide to the principles stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the UN Global Compact, and ILO. We respect all internationally recognized human rights and make sure that all our oversea offices meet local labor related legal regulations, stipulate human right policies and management plans, while treating and respecting all colleagues equally.

Items Actual Actions Practice in 2023
Versatility Tolerance and Equal Opportunities Hiring employees according to our recruitment policy and business needs and regularly examine salary and welfare contents. Provides an equal and diversified working environment. Harassment in prohibited. Privacy is respected. Our employment policy contains zero discrimination.
Prohibits Forced Labor and the Recruitment of Child Labor This clause is written in our recruitment policy. Since we have started recruiting employees, we have prohibited forced labor and the recruitment of child labor according to our recruitment policy.
Providing Fair and Reasonable Salary and Working Circumstances We provide basic salary and working circumstances that meet or are even better than local labor related legal regulations in all our global offices. Employee salary and work hour requirements are even better than local labor related legal regulations in some offices.
Reasonable Work Hour Practiced according to our Attendance Management Guideline. In 2023, employee attendance was according to our Attendance Management Guideline.
Providing Safe, Hygienic and Healthy Working Environment Continue to establish a safe and zero-accident working environment. In 2023, dissemination of health and safety education publicity and employee health examination was arranged continuously.
Respects Employees’ Freedom of Assembly Electing labor representatives. The election of this term’s labor representatives was held on Apr. 17, 2022. This term will serve for four years.
Labor–Employer Negotiation Holds labor–employer meetings. In 2023, four labor–employer meetings were held.
Human Right Incident Reporting Channel Employees can report such incident through suggestion boxes, labor-employer meetings and Welfare Committee meetings. In 2023, no human right incident reports were received from suggestion boxes, labor-employer meetings and Welfare Committee meetings.