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Jia Wei Lifestyle seeking sustainable development. It has created a transparent and effective versatile communication channel with its stakeholders to understand their demands and expectations. Through the response and practice of related units, Jia Wei has created a positive development on its interactions with stakeholders. Jia Wei treats this as an important reference on stipulating its corporate social responsibility policies and management to create a mutual profitable and win-win relationship.

Communication and Response with Stakeholders

Stakeholder Agendas Communication channel, frequency and response
  • Abiding Laws
  • Corporate Governance
  • Information Disclosure
  • Authority Communication
  • Topic meetings held by authorities – such as explanation meetings, advocacy meetings (irregularly).
  • Promote corporate governance and corporate governance assessment operations accordingly.
  • Disclose related information according to law on public information observation station, enterprise website and annual reports.
  • Establish dedicated contact person to maintain positive interaction with authorities.
  • Official document exchange and visits (irregularly).
  • In 2021, attended an investor conference held by MasterLink Securities.
  • Employee Welfare
  • Improving Business Performance and Strategy
  • Strengthening Environment Safety and Hygiene Management
  • Perfecting Employee Career Plan
  • Labor–employer Relation
  • Irregularly announces employee welfare issues (such as health examination), Welfare Committee information, information of education & training courses, annual performance management operation and other information by e-mail (in real-time).
  • 2021 Distributing Employee Salary and Cash Dividend
  • Seasonal labor–employer meetings were held four times in 2021.
  • Gathering employee opinions through opinion mailbox.
  • Innovative Products and Services
  • Customer Management
  • E-mail and Telephone Contact (real-time)
  • Personnel Response (real-time)
  • Online Showroom (real-time)
  • Taking Part in Houseware Exhibitions (annual;depends on the epidemic)
  • Assembles business management and operation meetings to establish customer communication mechanism (once every two weeks).
  • Honest Management
  • Product Quality
  • Supplier Management
  • Among our top 10 suppliers, 10 of them signed Paper of Guarantee on Corporate Social Responsibility. 
  • Establish dedicated contact person to maintain positive interaction with suppliers.
  • Business Performance
  • Sustainable Development Strategy
  • Risk Management
  • Shareholder Participation
  • Announces important information in real-time and declarations according to law, such as board of directors resolutions, business performance, and other information investors care about.
  • Hold shareholders’ meeting at least once a year and publish annual report.
  • Hold Investor conference at least once a year.
  • Establish investor relation contact person for mutual communication.
  • Receives domestic and oversea legal people and analysts.
Community and NGO
  • Community Communication
  • Funds and Materials Donated
  • Charity and Public Welfare Activities
Caring about social culture, enhancing civil quality, and fulfilling our social responsibility. Supporting and donating materials to children’s welfare institutions and local schools.

Contact Person


Kelly Ko

Tel: 886-2-7733-5368

Deputy Spokesperson / Investor Relation

Lori Lin
Manager of Corporate Governance Department

Tel: 886-2-77335368#116

Customer Zone

Danny Cheng
Vice President of Sales

Tel: 886-2-7233-5368

Supplier Zone

Freya Chiang
Senior Expert Officer

Tel: 886-2-7233-5368#129

Employee Zone

MF, Huang

Deputy Manager of Administration Department

Tel: 886-2-7733-5368#128