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Statement from Executives

Sustainable Operations

As global warming and pollution are gradually worsening, Jia Wei Lifestyle dedicates itself in developing products that meet eco-friendly trends. It continues to improve its development on green materials and manufacturing technologies in order to fulfill its corporate social responsibility to protect our environment. Jia Wei Lifestyle also bears the destiny and belief of protecting the environment. It continues to monitor its carbon emission, sewage water production and waste production to practice environment protection operations.

In order to look after our employees, the most important asset of Jia Wei Lifestyle, we regard their safety and health as our number one priority. Besides reducing workplace accident to its minimum and regard zero-accident as our goal, we also believe that prevention is more important than improvement. We evaluate the potential risks in our working environment and continue to educate our employees of safety awareness in order to establish a safe and accident-free working environment.

The provision of safe and aesthetic products is the foundation on the development of Jia Wei Lifestyle. We go to communities to contribute our efforts on caring for children and underprivileged people. We dedicate ourselves in developing products that meets environment trend in order to bring about green efficiency to customers and ourselves. Jia Wei Lifestyle puts in effort in practicing the corporate responsibility of sustainability and anticipates itself in providing positive contribution to the industry, the market, its stakeholders, and the whole society.

In the future, we will continue to challenge ourselves in becoming a world-class enterprise and seek co-prosperity with this beautiful world.