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Social Responsibility Policies

Adhering to Legal Demands

We would abide to labor related legal regulations stipulated by the government and our self-promises.

Promotes Employment Freedom

We would ensure that all employees are working at their own will.

Practices Humanitarian Treatments

We would tolerate labor exploitation, forced labor and other means of torture.

Prohibits Improper Discrimination

We hire/recruit employees fairly and ensure that they would be harassment/discrimination free in their workplace.

Establishes Communication Mechanism

We encourage employees to communicate with their executives. We would gather employee suggestions and practice improvements.

Robust Salary System

We follow related legal regulations from the government.

Trains Employee Capacity

We would work hard on improving the skills and capacity of our employees and enhance their economic status.

Stresses Integrity Business

We prohibit all illegal actions, practice fair trades, and protects customer information.

Respects Intellectual Property Rights

We respect intellectual property rights, believing that all technological transition should be protected.

Information Transparency

We disclose all enterprise information according to law.

Enhances Social Culture and Cares about the Underprivileged

We actively participate in social activities and provide the underprivileged with appropriate working opportunities.

Promotes Social Responsibility

We dedicate ourselves to integrate all the  aforementioned responsibilities to every aspect of our business and our supplying partners.