Interaction and management of stakeholders

Jia Wei pursues sustainable operations and establishes multiple transparent and effective communication channels with stakeholders. These channels help Jia Wei understand their needs and expectations, which serve as important references for our CSR policy and business philosophy to create win-win relationships.



The communication channel between the company and the stakeholders

Stakeholder/Communication Channel


● Internal website, e-mail and other announcement methods (such as posters)

● Staff education and training and physical courses

● Regular/irregular communication meetings of various organizations

● Employee opinion channel, such as employee suggestion box

● Welfare Committee Activities



● Shareholders meeting

● Corporate briefing

● Answer questions from investors and analysts via phone and email, and collect feedback on a regular basis

● Publish the company's annual report every year, and release important information at public observatories from time to time



● Customer meeting

● Respond to customer concerns via email from time to time



● Supplier meeting



● Official documents